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What’s Good About the BJE510XL?

Breville makes some of the best juicers, and this model is another example of the company’s high quality juicers. Some of the features of this model that customers have really responded to include:

Performance – The versatility of the machine coupled with the larger feed chute and relative ease of clean up have made this a favorite among those just starting their juicing journey. Most users find that it is highly effective on harder fruits and vegetables like carrots, celery, apples and and pineapples (rine included).

Clean Up – Most users are very happy with the amount of time needed to clean the machine after using. One good habit to get into is to clean the machine right after you have completed all of your juicing while the pulp and juice is still moist. This can help prevent clogging and any chance of stains setting in.

Design and Counter Top Footprint – Users tend to really like the stainless steel materials used in this vertical juicer as well as the relatively small amount of space it takes up when compared to other juicers.

Value – Owners, in general, are extremely pleased with the construction, performance, and the juice that is produced when using this product. They tend to be very satisfied with their purchase of the BJE510XL and highly recommend it to family, friends or others who are in the market for a new juicer.